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History of Law
International Law,
including collections of links to laws of individual nations
European Union
German Law
English Law
Canadian Law
Australian Law


This document contains my collection of links to legal resources on the Internet that I rarely use. I have avoided making a large collection of links, because webmasters keep changing URLs, which makes any collection of links quickly obsolete.

My main collection of links for U.S. federal and state laws is posted at

Legal History Links

Prof. Paul Halsall at Fordham Univ. has a very large collection of links to legal documents from ancient, medieval, and modern (i.e., after the year 1500) eras.

Univ. Houston American Legal History links

Prof. Bernard J. Hibbitts at the Univ. of Pittsburgh Law School, also see his webpage on connections.

Anthony J.H. Morris, an attorney in Australia, has a collection of links to legal history webpages.

Yale Univ. Avalon Project has documents in law, history, and diplomacy.   Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, the authoritative statement of law in the years 1765-1769.

International Law

Notice: This section is not comprehensive, because I rarely use international law.

International Organizations

International Telecommunication Union

United Nations International Law

foreign nations' copyright statutes (from UNESCO)

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
WIPO's translation into English of Intellectual Property Laws of various nations.
French Copyright Statute, current March 1997.

German Copyright Statute, current July 1996.

World Trade Organization

Collections of Links to
Laws of Many Nations

Univ. Chicago Foreign Law   old links, by Lyonette Louis-Jacques, which were last updated on May 2002.

Cornell Univ. Legal Information Institute

Georgetown Univ.

Harvard Law School Library's Research Guides: see International or name of country.

Constitution Finder: links from the University of Richmond School of Law

Constitutions of many nations, from Prof. Tschentscher at the Universität Bern

European Law

Notice: This section is not comprehensive, because I rarely use European law.

European Union homepage,   Eur-Lex European Union legal portal

European Patent Office

German Law

German courts make decisions based on the Constitution and Statutes, not on previous court decisions (i.e., precedent). That is why collections of judicial opinions are not widely used in Germany.

Webpages in the German language are identified here by text in German, with my translation given in parentheses.

German Government Websites

German University Websites

The biggest German university legal website is operated by the University of Saarland.   Juristisches Internetprojekt Saarbrücken Hauptseite (Internet Legal Project of the University of Saarbrücken homepage).   Archive of the old Law Web.

Freie Univ. Berlin Institut für deutsches und europäisches Wirtschafts-, Wettbewerbs- und Energierecht

Juristische Fakultät Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Univ. Konstanz law library   links

Univ. Mannheim Rechtswissenschaft

Commercial Websites on German Law homepage homepage   statutes

Bundesanzeiger   search of Bundesgesetzblatt

Jurathek from attorney Michael Hettenbach

LLRX German Legal Research (in English language) by Rita Exter and Martina Kammer
LLRX German Business and Commercial Laws (in English language) by Martina Kammer

Makrolog Recht für Deutschland

World Legal Information Institute links in English

Mark Obrembalski collection of German laws

Resources Outside of Germany

collections of German legal documents

Univ. Bern (auf deutsch)

Brigham Young Univ. Primary Documents in English-language translation. Website by Richard Hacken.

Univ. Buffalo German Penal Code in English language

Univ. College London German judicial decisions translated to English

German Law Archive includes English-language translations of German statutes. By Gerhard Dannemann at Univ. Oxford.

collections of links to German law

New York University

U.S. Library of Congress

Washburn Univ. in Topeka, Kansas, USA

English Law

Notice: This section is not comprehensive, because I rarely use UK law.

UK Patent Office has information on patents, trademarks, and copyrights

HMSO publishes acts of Parliament and other UK government documents

The Law Society of England and Wales

collections of links

Univ. of Kent links by Sarah Carter

Delia Venables Legal Resources for Lawyers, arranged by topic

Canadian Law

Notice: This section is not comprehensive, because I rarely use Canadian law.

Canadian Government homepage

Dept. of Justice

Canadian statutes

The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency (formerly CanCopy)

collections of links

Because Canadian law libraries continue to change their URL, I only link to their homepage.

Univ. of Calgary law library

Canadian Legal Information Institute links to judicial decisions, etc.

Jurist Canada legal education links   a website by Prof. Bernard J. Hibbitts at the Univ. of Pittsburgh Law School

Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research, by Catherine Best, a practicing research attorney and adjunct professor at the Univ. of British Columbia

McGill Univ. law library

University of Toronto law library links

York University law library

Australian Law

Notice: This section is not comprehensive, because I rarely use Australian law.

I am only listing homepages, to avoid frequently changing links at websites.

Parliament,   library has links to legal resources
High Court (analogous to U.S. Supreme Court)
Federal Court
Australasian Legal Information Institute, has copies of court opinions and much more
legal citation guide Univ. of Melbourne Law Review
WebLaw searchable database

Australian Copyright Law

The Copyright Law Branch of the Attorney-General's Department is the official Australian Government agency for copyright law.   The Australian government does not register copyrights.

Attorney General's webpage on copyright
Copyright Council nongovermental organization
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