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I do two different kinds of work in law:
  1. I do consulting to attorneys, principally on scientific evidence in torts involving technology, for example:
    1. electrical surges or "power quality". I have experience with both the design and application of surge-protective devices: surge arresters and surge suppressors, which are also known in the USA as "transient voltage surge suppressors" (TVSS).
    2. law of meteorology (e.g., lightning, cloud seeding, liability for negligent weather forecasts)
    3. computer hardware and software, including misuse of computers
    4. products liability
    For more detail, see my consulting services to litigators and my legal research services.

  2. Since 1998, I am an attorney in private practice, licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in Massachusetts. I concentrate in academic issues in higher-education law, and copyright law.   The description of my legal services gives more detail.

Dr. R. Standler

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I can easily travel to towns in northeastern Massachusetts, or to the Boston area, including Cambridge, MA.

My Essays About Law

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I am an attorney only in Massachusetts, so I can not provide legal advice to people in other states of the USA, unless they have been injured or sued in Massachusetts, or unless your local attorney hires me as a consultant.   I have posted the following hints for how to find an attorney.

Table of Contents

  1. Computer Law — computer hardware and software, Internet, e-mail

  2. Technology Law — damage by electrical surges, electric power problems, lightning, as well as meteorology law (e.g., cloud seeding, weather modification, liability for negligent weather forecasts)

  3. Higher-Education Law — academic issues in college and university law

  4. Copyright Law — protecting and rewarding authors

  5. My Other Essays on Law

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To make this homepage smaller, in Jan 2009 I moved the links to my essays from this homepage to separate webpages, one for each topic in the above list.

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